Secretos en la nieve por Virginia Kroll

Secretos en la nieve por Virginia Kroll

Titulo del libro: Secretos en la nieve

Autor: Virginia Kroll

Número de páginas: 36 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: October 15, 2014

ISBN: 8415784767

Editor: Ingram Publisher Services

Virginia Kroll con Secretos en la nieve

Sometimes life calls on us to embark on an adventure before we're really ready for it; it requires us to surpass ourselves and to learn the value of trust and loyalty. This is what happens to Pem, who's itching to head off through the snow with her father, brother and the yaks towards the grazing lands. But when the big day comes, she still can't imagine the adventure that awaits her. The youngest member of the family will have her first experience all on her own: does the Yeti really exist? Countless secrets lie in the snow, waiting to be discovered by those who are inquisitive enough to seek them out! Secretos en la nieve is a wonderful tale set in the country of Bhutan, full of mystery and adventure; it is a hymn to nature and the highest mountains of our blue planet. Through the innocent eyes of a little girl, we will learn what it means to respect traditions and legends and to cast off our fears, discovering how bravery can often help to unveil mysteries that captivate our hearts.