El Genio del Idioma por Alex Grijelmo

El Genio del Idioma por Alex Grijelmo

Titulo del libro: El Genio del Idioma

Autor: Alex Grijelmo

Fecha de lanzamiento: November 1, 2004

ISBN: 843060572X

Editor: Taurus

Alex Grijelmo con El Genio del Idioma

255pp , About the author :: Alex Grijelmo (Burgos , Spain , 1956 ) is a writer and journalist. Bachelor of Information Sciences and Masters in Journalism from the Complutense University in Madrid. Diploma in Business Management ( PADE ) from IESE. Honorary degree in business administration from the university foundation ESERP . Grijelmo published at 16 years old his first article in the newspaper La Voz de Burgos Castilla , which then work as a newspaper editor in practice while studying journalism. Expelled from the University of Navarra by his exiled people (specifically , as the director of the university magazine " it was time " , edited from El Verbo Divino during the course 1974-75 whose residence was about to be closed ) he moved to the Complutense University in Madrid. End the race finally years later, in the exercise of the profession. He then attended the Master's degree and obtained the degree with a dissertation on the value of silence in rhetoric . In 1977 he entered the Europa Press. In 1983 he was hired by the newspaper El País where he was successively deputy Madrid , deputy head and head of Publishing and Design , head of Spain , editor of Editorial and Training ( at this stage was published Stylebook , which was responsible ) , editor of Madrid and then Domingo, Society and Sports. In 1999 he was appointed director of the newspaper network of local and regional newspapers Prisa Group (owner of El País) . In 2002 happens to occupy the general direction of Contents International Prisa. It contributes to the creation of three chains Pan American Radio W Radio, Radio Kiss and Los 40 Principales , with presence in Colombia , Mexico , Costa Rica , Chile, Panama and Miami. At that time is also responsible for the contents of various means of Bolivia , and founded the Mexican edition of Rolling Stone. In May 2004 he was appointed president of the Efe agency with the mission to make this public undertaking an independent news media . During his tenure has n