La Domesticidad En Guerra por Beatriz Colomina

La Domesticidad En Guerra por Beatriz Colomina

Titulo del libro: La Domesticidad En Guerra

Autor: Beatriz Colomina

ISBN: 8496540103

Beatriz Colomina con La Domesticidad En Guerra

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In the immediate postwar years, a new type of modern architecture emerges. Beatriz Colomina presents domesticity as a potent new weapon in a changed architectural battlefield. This architecture becomes the property of the middle-class consumer bombarded with images of domestic bliss, a lifestyle campaign launched through recycled military techniques. The significance of architects like Charles and Ray Eames lies in their sensitivity to buildings and images both defining space. Colomina is Director of Princeton University's Architecture PhD program and acclaimed author of Privacy and Publicity and Sexuality and Space. Domesticity At War is specially designed as a two-tiered, text and photo, flip-book.

Beatriz Colomina has been teaching at Princeton University School of Architecture since 1988 and is the Founding Director of the Program in Media and Modernity. She has written extensively on questions of architecture and the modern institutions of representation. She is the author of Privacy and Publicity: Modern Architecture as Mass Media (MIT Press, 1994) and the editor of Sexuality and Space (Princeton Architectural Press, 1992), both of which won the International Book Award given by the American Institute of Architects.