Blind Sunflowers por Alberto Mendez

Blind Sunflowers por Alberto Mendez

Titulo del libro: Blind Sunflowers

Autor: Alberto Mendez

Número de páginas: 160 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: August 21, 2016

Editor: Arcadia Books

Nombre del archivo: blind-sunflowers.pdf

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Alberto Mendez con Blind Sunflowers

A captain in Franco's army, on the same day as the victory, renounces winning the war; a young poet runs away with his pregnant girlfriend to grow up quickly and die within few months; a prisoner in Porlier's jail, who refuses to live a lie so that his executioner can gain moral authority; and a lustful deacon who hides his desire behind the apostolic fascism that clamours for the purifying blood of the defeated. These are stories from silent times, when it was terrifying that anyone knew what you knew. Four subtly connected stories, narrated with the same language but with the individual styles of the different narrators that shape the true main protagonist of this story: defeat.