Mansfield Park (ArcadianPress Edition) por Jane Austen

Mansfield Park (ArcadianPress Edition) por Jane Austen

Titulo del libro: Mansfield Park (ArcadianPress Edition)

Autor: Jane Austen

Número de páginas: 293 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: September 1, 2017

Editor: JA

Jane Austen con Mansfield Park (ArcadianPress Edition)

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At the age of ten, Fanny Price leaves the poverty of her Portsmouth home to be brought up among the family of her wealthy uncle, Sir Thomas Bertram, in the chilly grandeur of Mansfield Park. She gradually falls in love with her cousin Edmund, but when the dazzling and sophisticated Crawfords arrive, and amateur theatricals unleash rivalry and sexual jealousy, Fanny has to fight to retain her independence.